Maddison Bullock is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA. She has starred in several independent films on new media platforms such as Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon. Her recent television appearances include TruTV, HBO, and NBC.  

A  former internationally ranked competitive figure skater turned  professional Maddison is a senior ladies double gold medalist.  She is also an active member of the Ice Skating Institute (ISI). 

In 2017 Maddison founded Maddness Pictures under the same principles of discipline, passion, and creativity that she applied as a competitive skater.  Maddison's greatest role model is UCLA Basketball legend John Wooden.  While training at the Olympic Training Center as a teenager Maddison's coaches frequently referenced his famous 'Pyramid of Success' in her training regime. ​Maddness Pictures aims to combine the collaborative formulas inherent in elite level athletics, with the flexibility and beauty of independent filmmaking to create content that inspires and excites audiences, particularly in the form of complex female-driven narratives. 

Maddison is passionate about sharing her love for film and skating with others and currently serves as a Young Girl's Ambassador for Cassie Scerbo's Anti-Bullying Nonprofit Boo 2 Bullying.